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[Horo and Lawrence, Spice and Wolf] 11.27.08


I hear there's going to be another season of Spice and Wolf. And if that's true, that would be awesome. I really enjoyed Horo as a character, and I loved the opening song :) I'd like to see them top that in the next season. Anyhow, the source image for this wallpaper came from the 2009 Spice and Wolf calendar. Aside from the cover, all the images were ones I'd seen before so it was a bit disappointing. But on the bright side, none of the images had text, so it made for an easy clean up job.

[Simon and Nia: Ever After] 11.15.08

gurren lagann 06

And another one from this year's Gurren Lagann calendar. This wallpaper features yet another great couple from the series, Simon and Nia! I've changed the background from the original background, as I didn't like the teal color and the white pattern in the background that was originally there. I should mention too that, the high resolution versions of this wallpaper are in PNG format. This isn't the beginning of a trend, but on this wallpaper in particular there was some artifacting in places that I'd worked too hard on cleaning up to let stay. Thanks to Tris for the suggestion! :3

[Gurren Lagann: Kinon + Rossiu] 11.10.08

gurren lagann 05

It's that time of year again! Fall? No. It's calendar season! XD That is, when all the new anime calendars--which usually have new images--come out in Japan. My favorite purchase this year so far has to be the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann calendar! It's even held together by a spiral. Since this one wasn't a poster calendar, all the images are pretty much desktop ready, so I picked this one featuring Kinon and Rossiu, because they're the unsung awesome couple from Gurren Lagann. ;D

[Toradora!] 10.28.08


Toradora is shaping up to be a cute little series, minus the excessive fan service. And to me, that's a plus. So I recently put together this wallpaper for Toradora, featuring our leading ladies Taiga Aisaka and Minori Kushieda. Since the poses were a bit silly, I just made it a fun shot, with polka dots in the colors of the logo in the background. I included the little Palmtop Tiger because it's just that cute.

[Monochrome Factor] 10.18.08


Quick update today: the lovely boys from Monochrome Factor! I take it this was another show that wasn't too popular, but oh well, it has nice art and that's enough to justify a wallpaper ;D Besides, I bought the art book thinking there would be a lot more to it than there actually was, so I figured I should get some use out of it ^^;


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